Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome to Secret Compass Online!

Get ready to update your bookmarks, THE NEW WEBSITE IS FINISHED!!

We are beyond excited to present to you the future of Secret Compass:

After months and months of blood, sweat, toil, yelling, screaming, neglected hygiene, neglected friends, family, wives (sorry Rachel and Sara...) it's finally a reality! You will immediately notice some fairly drastic changes to the look, feel and function of Secret Compass. Don't worry, we're still the same guys and we're still going to give you the best customer service that you can find in the industry. I am happy to announce that the pirate theme is dead and gone (sorry pirate fans...) and has been replaced with a sleeker look. We will continue to offer products from the collectibles companies that you know and love, but we're happy to announce that we have begun to partner with new companies that will allow us to offer a broader range of merchandise. Keep an eye on our new “Gear”, “Audio” and “Style” sections in the coming months for some exciting new products.

We've added a ton of new features to make your experience with Secret Compass better than ever before! You asked for it, so we've finally added member accounts. Now you can log in and track your purchases, pre-orders and shipping details. We've added real time shipping quotes, detailed updates on newly released products and release dates, and much more. Our brand new blog (, a new Twitter feed and a revamped Facebook page will keep you up to date with all things Compass.

Last but not least, our pre-order policy has changed. You no longer need to place a deposit to reserve pre-order items!

We have always drawn strength from our customer base, and it's your support that has gotten us this far. As always, we strive to give you the best service, and to be your best source for cool stuff on the internet. If this is your first time with us, we welcome you. To all of our returning customers, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your continued patronage!


-Shane, Erwin, Bradley, Andy, and Rys


  1. Shane good day, after changing on the site, I accessed my account and all my orders disappeared, has nothing registered in my account, including those already anticipated a down payment, I repeat what happened?

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